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 The Quintessence of Nature

The word “quintessence” comes from Aristotle’s natural philosophy and it is derived from the Latin phrase “quinta essential”, i.e. the fifth element or essence, also known as the fifth heavenly element in the traditions of alchemy…

Tibet, Hawaii, Peru, Taiwan, Ecuador, California and Brazil

The quintessence of the contemporary period is without doubt green food, sometimes designated as super food. It comes from pure natural sources with a minimum degree of treatment and its significance is based on the diverse nutritional elements it contains. It is a source of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and other substances which are important for our organism.

Whereas synthetic preparations are sets of isolated substances, the individual effective components in green food work in complicated and precisely defined relationships. They work on the principle of synergy, i.e. the mutual interaction of a greater number of substances, whose subsequent effect is then multiplied. Moreover, all of the effective components are contained in ideal ratios which ensure their correct absorption and optimal use.

Our mission is to seek out the best quintessence which can still be found in the long forgotten corners of our planet and on islands of pure nature. We only take our highest quality biological resources from virgin nature. We then process these resources in an environmentally friendly manner, inspect them thoroughly and pack them while still fresh. Like Aristoteles, you too can try the energy, effects and taste of our quintessence and open the door to your own creativity and culinary skills with the help of our alchemistic recipes.

Mygreenlife products, the quintessence of the modern age, can be wherever you are. Investigate, try and experiment. Live your own MYGREENLIFESTYLE!